We help you to take back control of your Finances

About Us

Most people have innovative ideas to develop their businesses; however, the lack of financial knowledge can hinder their success. Our services help you take control of your finances as well as to educate you so that your business can flourish and prosper in the way that you decide. We communicate to our clients in a language that they understand.

We are a virtual organisation with the head office based in Colchester Essex. We consist of many qualified accountants and finance systems specialists each with minimum of 15 years of experience gained in the private sector; international aid organisations, Construction industry as well as the higher education sector.

Our strategy is to work closely with clients and make site visits to understand their financial processes and come up with strategies to improve them. Further we spend time in your office itself to get an in - depth knowledge of your finances and to introduce proper practices, policies and procedures to recover from the stage you are in.

Our mission is to educate non finance staff how to take care of their accounts in the future.

Our approach is to educate school leavers who are good at numbers to become professional accountants. We provide practical experience as well as coaching and mentoring to compete with the competitive job market.

About the founder

Niketha Watson has been working for charities, higher education and in private sector for more than ten years and decided to launch her own start up linking with former colleagues from the similar professions who are scattered around the world. She believes finance can be simple, communicative and educative to any appropriate level required.